Hey, I'm Jatin.

I am a curious 19 year old interested in technology that is hungry to always learn more about the world, myself and everything in between.

Currently, I am in midst of doing an undegrad in Computer Science at the Univeristy of Waterloo and working on an autonomous race car at MIT-PITT-RW.

In the past, I was an intern at Cradle working at intersection of gaming and blockchain, at RBC working on an internal web app, and at Zappos working on augmented reality features. I also built OppHub, a platform for helping student discover opportunities which was used by over 10,000 students all around the world.

You can connect with me on LinkedIn for my previous work, my GitHub is @exoceus and my twitter is @jatin_rm. My email is mehta.r.jatin@gmail.com where I respond to every email except for spam :).